Q: Will my younger child be fully engaged?

A: Yes!  In our “one-room schoolhouse” environment, there are older children who naturally gravitate toward supporting the younger children.  We are also skilled at differentiating the activities so that they are appropriate for all ages.

Q: Will my older child be fully engaged?

A: Yes! While we are able to simplify concepts for younger students, we are also able to encourage inquiry and exploration by older students.  There are many times that older participants begin investigating a concept and come up with their own ideas for how to produce results.  We support them through guidance and useful, appropriate materials.

Q: Is there before and/or after care available?

A: Yes! Extended daily care costs: $10/hour (Regular daily schedule begins at 9:00 and ends at 4:00.)

Q: Will I have opportunities to participate?

A: Yes!  Our open door policy allows for parent interaction at any time.  Also, on some Fridays we will schedule special opportunities for parents to see what we have accomplished during the week.

Q: What is a typical day like?

A: There is nothing typical about our days!  However, each day is similarly structured.  We begin by discussing a particular concept as a whole group.  This time allows us to connect and to plan for the day.  Often, we break into smaller groups to complete our ‘work’.  The children are grouped in same-age or mixed-age groups based upon the various activities.

Q: How often will the kids play outside?

A: Each day, weather permitting, we plan for activities to occur both inside and outside.  There is also plenty of free time, which many children choose to use playing outside.  Our goal is to give kids opportunities to learn in a fun environment.  There is no bell ringing to tell them to stop what they are doing and move on to something else.  The activities are engaging enough that kids want to continue until they complete their projects.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The answer to this question depends upon how much time your child/ren will spend with us. Overall, the answer is:

$50 deposit is required to hold a place in the class (limited to 30 participants per session)

$450 for two weeks if deposit is paid by July 1, 2019

$275 for one week only, $250 per week for two or more weeks


Pay a one-time $20 registration fee, and you are able to choose days for your child(ren) to attend.  Each day will cost $60.  Choose as many or as few as you wish! ($50 deposit required, as noted)

Example: $20 registration fee: plus two days = $140 total, plus three days = $200 total, etc.  Days do not need to be consecutive or in the same week.  Availability is based upon enrollment.

10% discount for siblings