Faculty and Staff

Director: Heather Christy-Robinson


Currently an English instructor at SUNY Orange and formerly an instructor in the Divisions of English and of Education at Mount Saint Mary College, I am a mother of three children (Corbin, age 18; Malia, age 15; and Griffin, age 10) and am married to Doug Robinson, a professor of Biology at MSMC.  I have taught at all levels in both public and private schools.  I am certified as an elementary and special educator in New York, and have been since 2003.  I am a board member of the Balmville Grange and formerly of the Balmville PTA.  With regard to education, I am a constructivist.  That is, I believe all children create their own knowledge through genuine experiences to learn.  Our program mostly follows an epistemological approach in which children explore systems of knowledge.  With the ScienceThroughART Program, I hope to offer opportunities for my children and yours to enjoy learning for the sake of learning! I am so excited to be able to run our program again for the seventh year.  It’s awesome to ‘plant a seed and watch it grow and blossom’!  I am proud of this program because kids enjoy themselves while learning. Yo hablo español. Por favor llámeme si tiene algunas preguntas.

Lead Teacher: Katie Murray

My name is Katie Murray, and I am so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to work with you this summer. I am a rising senior at Mount Saint Mary College and will graduate with a degree in general science and certifications to teach early childhood, childhood, and special education. In my free time, I love to play tennis and be active. I have been playing tennis since I was five years old and am currently a member of the Women’s tennis team at MSMC. As my sister and mother both work in the arts, I have grown up in an environment in which art education is valued and prioritized, so this program is the perfect blend of my two largest passions: science and art. Even though this is my first year at S.T.ART, I have seven years of experience as a camp counselor in my hometown of Highland Mills, New York. I look forward to meeting everyone and creating, exploring, and growing with you this August!

Lead Teacher: Lindsay Byer

Hello everyone! I am a rising junior at Mount Saint Mary College majoring in mathematics while also getting certifications in childhood and special education. I have led summer programs at Bishop Dunn Memorial School, and I am the 2021-2022 Vice President of Kappa Delta Pi, the education honor society at Mount Saint Mary. I enjoy hiking, camping, and DIY projects. If I am not outside, I love to cook and read. I have always loved science growing up; in fact, I was very close to majoring in chemistry. I am very excited to work with S.T.ART this summer to help make science fun and creative (as it should be)! I can’t wait to meet you all this August!

Lead Teacher: Kristen Drew Tamberino

Hi Everyone!
My name is Kristen Drew Tamberino, and I am so thrilled to work with S.T.ART for a fourth year! I have been a teacher at Hudson Hills Academy for almost 10 years. In addition, I ran their summer camp for 7 years,  so I know how to have a great time with the kids in a camp setting. I’ve worked with children from ages 3 to 13; I know how to differentiate lessons and adjust my care of children.  I LOVE art, and science is cool, so I am so excited to be a leader on this team.  I have been working diligently to complete my Masters in Education at SUNY New Paltz, and I’m learning lots of new methods to incorporate fun into learning!
As a head of a camp, I knew safety and fun were of the utmost importance.  I have done project-based learning since I started at HHA. I also ALWAYS incorporate art and hands-on  learning in my classroom. HHA has a Montessori program, so we stress the “follow the child” philosophy and at ScienceThroughART, we will have fun doing the same thing.
I look forward to working with your children this August. Please come say hello.
Happy Summer!

Lead Teacher: Danny Barbuto

Greetings, all! My name’s Danny Barbuto. I’m a member of the class Mammalia who enjoys the use of his​​ opposable thumbs. If you attended the Wappingers or Poughkeepsie school districts any time over the past decade, there’s good chance you know me, as I’ve been employed there as a substitute teacher. I hold a New York State Public School Teaching Certification as well as a Master’s degree in Childhood Education with a focus in Math, Science, and Technology. (Well, technically they’re on my wall, but you get the idea). I believe that both science and art should be messy, interactive, and fun, and I have only once before accidentally blown something up. This is my third year at the S.T.ART Program, and I love playing games with everyone as we learn about science and art. See you this summer!

Assistant Teacher: Kim Robinson

I have been with S.T.ART from the very beginning!  I live in Flanders, NJ.  My daughter, Skylar, is 11 years old.  I am excited to return to the S.T.ART Program to explore the sciences and arts together.  I am looking forward to exploring new types of science and art! I can’t wait to make learning science fun for the kids.  Everyone tells me I’m great with children and I am looking forward to spending more time this summer in a hands-on learning environment.

Assistant teacher:  Megan Bell

Megan Bell image

I have been attending S.T.ART since it’s first year in 2013, and I’m excited to be taking on a new role as an assistant teacher. I am a rising senior at Newburgh Free Academy. My plans are to attend college and major in elementary education. I enjoy helping set up and making sure our materials are organized and available. I also enjoy connecting with the younger children in the program. I love playing games, creating art and doing science projects with them too.

Assistant Teacher: Xinyi Shen

Art is one of my passions. I have won two Silver Keys from the Scholastic Art and Writing Award. In the forthcoming future, I would also like to pursue a career in the art field. This summer, I’ll be an art teacher at ScienceThroughART. Although, this teaching experience is new to me, I am excited to share my knowledge of art with kids!

Assistant Teacher: Heather Davies

Heather Davies is a magical mama living and loving in Beacon. Heather comes from a long line of “makers” and has always kept her hands busy crafting something and creating art. Her more serious stints of creating include four years as a macramé artist and jewelry maker, and for the past seven years has mastered manufacturing high-quality hula hoops for professional performers and novice hoopers alike.
Heather has worked with children in some form or another for her entire adult life. Most recently her resumé includes private nannying, facilitating children’s programs in schools and libraries, teaching physical education in a Montessori school, and working as the Art Director at a local summer camp.
She has been practicing hoop dance for thirteen years and teaching children and adults to hoop for seven years. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher, a Reiki Practitioner, and she offers several creative movement programs designed to empower all bodies across the Hudson Valley. She loves to communicate and connect and enjoys creating space in the conversation for children to express themselves authentically.