Session 2 Activities

This year’s schedule is in progress.  The following is from summer 2017:

August 21 – 25

Monday 8/21 Tuesday 8/22 Wednesday 8/23 Thursday 8/24 Friday 8/25
Solar Eclipse/ Solar Day:  Magnifying Glass Wood Burning, Solar Ovens, solar kit Weather: Rainmakers, Colored-rice Rainbows, Shaving Cream Clouds in a Cup Letter Day: Hieroglyphics, Photos of Letters in Nature, Calligraphy Chemical compounds / Periodic Table Mystery History Day: Books from 1700s, Amelia Earhart, Forensics – fingerprints, tea-stained paper that looks old Fidget spinners, spirographs, spirals, henna


August 28 – September 1

Monday 8/28 Tuesday 8/29 Wednesday 8/30 Thursday 8/31 Friday 9/1
Famous Artist Day: Jackson Pollack – S.T.ART Banner, Piet Mondrian – negative space, George Segal – hand casts Recycle Day: robots, “trashion” show?, what can be made from recycling?, Waterfalls, chalk art, power source, dioramas with functional waterfalls, water activities Fabric Arts: Spider webs (science), mixed fabric pictures, sewing pillows / stuffed animals Energy: Circuits (potatoes/lemons/light bulbs)

*Please note: The schedule is tentative and may change according to interests of students, weather, or otherwise.

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